Yasme Awards Call Sign Directory

This is a directory of YASME call signs/operations/operators, listing the call sign, date of operation, and the principle operator. The original version of this list appeared in the K6PBT SH/INFO database for PacketCluster.

Many of the DXpeditions were done by Lloyd (W6KG) and Iris (W6QL) Colvin. Lloyd, W6KG, became a Silent Key in December 1993, (see call TA1/W6QL). Iris, W6QL, became a Silent Key February 18, 1998. Lloyd and Iris logged more than a million contacts during their world travels, collecting one of the largest QSL collections in the world.

* Logs for certain DXpeditions are held by the Yasme QSL Manager.  If you have worked a DX call marked with an asterisk (*), you may request a QSL card for your records and the YASME Awards.  (See Awards page)

Verified contacts with the following will count for credit toward the YASME Awards:

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