Here the Yasme Foundation comes with a strong hand to rescue a DX world in need

Amateur radio operators all over the world shared the shock and sorrow of the dismal end suffered by Danny and Yasme II. This spirit of “never say die” by Danny, who in spite of personal injury and the discouragement brought about by an unfortunate turn of affairs, was still willing and anxious to carry on.

The decision was made for “no lecture tours” or “hat passing” but instead the Yasme Foundation would operate as a non-profit organization, governed by a board of directors, to get the Yasme III DXpedition underway again with a fourth Yasme boat. A huge effort was made by the newly registered Yasme Foundation and the first Yasme News was mailed out in September 1959 to some 2600 supporters while some of the Foundation directors offered to loan money upfront to the Yasme Foundation. All this was boosted by a single loan of USD $5000 by one Foundation officer as well as USD $1500 and USD $1000 from others. The main corporate sponsor, Mr. Bill Halligan, W9AC and owner of Hallicrafters, had spent USD $15,000 earlier and was already almost out of steam.

Soon negotiations were underway to buy the “Sun Regret” from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a similar boat to Yasme II, for approximately USD $14,600. The Yasme Foundation was well on its way to make miracles happen in the world of DX.

The idea was for a three-man team, including Dave, ZL1AV, to secure licenses to cover the Kermadec and Tokelau Islands operations and any other spots under New Zealand jurisdiction. Added to the team was also a 22-year-old Joe Reisert, W2HQL, now W1JR, from Buck Island VP2VB fame, to make the Pacific operation more efficient and less risky.

The great assets of this third phase were Danny Weil’s writing talent and endless hope for activating a stream of new entities for the hams in need of new counters, along with his personal around-the-world dream. Indeed DXers are true believers when it comes to the news they want to hear.

Listen to this: “I shall try to inject just a little of the adventure and excitement of the voyage into your lives… as hors d’oeuvres we begin with Galapagos (HC8)… then really serious work to Pitcairn or Easter Islands… Kermadec might be useful and perhaps Wallis Islands… then we call for volunteers at Ceylon to replace the crew and continue to Seychelles, Aldabra, Zanzibar and finally Ascension and St. Helena Islands.”

And indeed the package was full of cream and sugar and it was no problem for DXers to envision Danny reaching all of these destinations. The final touch was, “Our group shall justify your faith and helping hand. When I bring Yasme III to Tampa, my love for all of you will ride the helm with me! – Danny, VP2VB.”

At this point, many may have already lost count of how many Yasme boats there may have been up to this new Yasme III. Furthermore those who can visualize the one-man ocean sailing with the instruments available in those days can determine whether Danny with his degree in Navigation was just an unlucky soul. Maybe he was just pushed by Dick Spenceley, KV4AA to reach demanding destinations with an unreasonable schedule, resulting in constant disasters looming on the horizons (note by author)

  • YASME I Struck and lost on unchartered reef nearby Papua New Guinea
  • YASME X Explosion during refueling in Scotland before sailing
  • YASME II Wrecked toward Union Island, Grenadines when captain fell asleep
  • YASME III “Sun Regret” – can this one go around the world with no leak or float?

Bob Crisler, W8HWC, Danny Weil, VP2VB, Dave Tremayne, ZL1AV and Ed Stanley, W4QDZ (from YASME News, September 1959, volume 1.)

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